Software Solutions  for  Gallery  and  Framing Enterprises

SoftFrames Designer and Point of Sale including one year subscription

·  Point of Sale       Including: Invoicing, Work Orders, Cut Sheet and Customer balances

·  Simple                Just enter the Image size, product numbers and your desired reveals. SoftFrames creates                                  an invoice or quote in seconds. 

·  Powerful             Soft Frames calculates all prices, dimensions and cuts , using a database of over 270,000                                 Mouldings, Fillets and Mat materials.

·  Seeing is Believing             Soft Frames creates a scale illustration of the Mouldings, Mats and the Image                                                    as you enter components. Load any image from the internet or digital camera.

·  Customized Pricing           Set up your own multi-tiered pricing standards.

·  Scalable              Perfect for single stores or large multi-store operations.

·  Reports               Complete set of standard and custom reports including: Sales, Inventory,                                                            customer list and mail-merge with Microsoft Word plus e-mail merge.

·  Video Tutorials                 Video based Help and Tutorials makes learning fast and easy.

·  Vendor Subscription         Soft Frames keeps your software and inventory pricing up to date for one low                                                   annual fee of $199.00 per year.

·  Password Protection  Soft Frames lets you set the level of Password protection you want .

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